Our nipper movement is all about “Fun in the Sun” and nipper competitions are aimed at helping youngsters become comfortable in the ocean and keep fit while promoting an active lifestyle. In order to compete, nippers must complete recognised awards to ensure they are competent and will be safe in the sea. Nippers must be 8 years old on the day that they do their first award or Level 1 Examination. They can then compete in the under 10 category. Important to remember is that Nipper age groups are based on their age as of  30 September not their birthday. When a nipper turns 10 years old they will complete their Level 2 examination and compete in the under 12 category, and when they turn 12 they will complete their Level 3 examination to compete in the under 14 age group. Once a nipper turns 14 they may enrol for their Lifeguard Award and will move up to the junior lifeguard ranks. The movement relies strongly on a sense of family and encourages parents to get involved as officials or even obtain their lifeguard qualification themselves so they can help out as safety officers.

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